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20 October
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Legal assistance in recovery of assets from banks
Due to the fact that Riga Vidzeme District Court has declared PNB banka insolvent, and also taking into account more and more frequent cases when individual banks in Latvia suspend operations with client assets or refuse to execute clients` orders,
Law Firm INLAT PLUS is eager to provide its clients with a number of services aimed at protecting their interests before banks:
Comprehensive legal service
COMPLEX LEGAL SERVICE — provides rendering of different legal and the related services on a permanent basis within the limits of a contract concluded with us.
Член Торгово-промышленной палаты Латвии Latvijas Tirdzniecības un Rūpniecības Kameras biedrs Member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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Since its foundation in 1996 the law office “INLAT PLUS” has been one of the most active and leading companies providing legal service in Latvia. The variety of the qualified legal services provided by the company will meet the most demanding requirements of its clients (legal and physical persons).

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Issues of dual citizenship in Latvia

In Latvia, dual citizenship is permitted only with the EU and NATO member states. Dual citizenship with other countries is allowed only to descendants of exiles/deported, descendants of Latvians (again, not for all) and persons, who have obtained Latvian citizenship for special merits. In all other cases, dual citizenship with "unauthorized" country is prohibited and entail deprivation of citizenship of Latvia. A person deprived of citizenship, if it was not able to appeal the decision in court, further can restore the citizenship of Latvia only through naturalization.
/ Irina Stromberga, Specialist of the law firm INLAT PLUS /

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

If you are able to see the beauty, only because you wear a beautiful inside. For the world is like a mirror in which everyone sees his own reflection.
/Paulo Coelho/
In fair holidays of Christmas and New Year, we wish success, understanding and productivity to your team, as well as happiness, well-being and health to your beloved ones.



A foreign company is registered on your address - what to do?

For many years, our clients are concerned about the following question: what might be the consequences of company’s registration on a specific legal address, e.g., in the apartment, and how to cancel this address?
/ Veronika Telepneva, a lawyer of Law Office INLAT PLUS /

Citizenship by birth in Latvia. Comparative review.

The place where we were born can have a crucial meaning in our lives. The obligation to defend the country, to pay taxes, abide the certain laws – these all are obligations which people do not choose, they have them by birth.
/ Irina Stromberga, Specialist of the law firm INLAT PLUS /

The main changes to the Immigration Law of Latvia

On July 1, 2016 entered into force new amendments to the Immigration Law of Latvia. The amendments mainly concerned articles of the law, which were responsible for the provision of temporary residence permit to foreigners who purchased immovable property or contributed to the fixed assets of the company. In addition, the amendments laid on foreigners additional financial costs in case of obtaining a temporary residence permit through a contribution to the fixed assets, as well as in the case of re-requesting a temporary residence permit after the end of the first 5-year period, but with remarks, which allowed to reduce a little the costly part.
/ Aleksandrs Koposovs, a member of the board of Law Office INLAT PLUS /

Citizenship for special merits in front of Latvia

In the practice our lawyers are often faced with questions of obtaining Latvian citizenship. Sometimes people wonder whether they can apply for citizenship for special merits in front of Latvia.
/ Irina Stromberga, Specialist of the law firm INLAT PLUS /