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My bank account is frozen. Is it legal? What should I do? 16.10.2018
How much does a license for operations with alcoholic drinks cost, and what size of tax rates in Latvia is applied for alcohol and coffee? 10.02.2017
Is it possible to appeal against a decision on refusal to grant an asylum, and am I eligible to be in Latvia for the duration of the appeal? 02.02.2017
Could you advise how can I protect my copyrights on drawings and animation that I have developed for a customer’s computer game? 27.01.2017
A few months after buying a car I got into a traffic accident. Unfortunately, I was the one responsible for causing it. At the moment of buying a car the compulsory civil liability insurance was still valid for half a year. Nevertheless, the insurance company is raising claims against me personally in order to collect the funds it paid out to the injured person. Is there a way to protect my rights? 08.06.2011
The legal address of a company has been registered at the apartment upon mutual agreement of both owner of the apartment and owner of the company. After that the company has stopped communicating with owner of the apartment, as well as to take out the correspondence. The location of the company’s owner is unknown. The owner of the apartment has submitted an application to the Register of Enterprises, which promised to impose a fine on the company. However nothing changed since then as the correspondence is still being sent to the apartment’s address. How to discharge the registration entry of legal address and what might be the consequences for the owner of the apartment in case of company’s bankruptcy? 08.06.2011
I’m a guarantor for the mortgage loan issued by the bank in Latvia. The sum of the loan is 10 000 euros and the loan payment schedule is being duly performed, but the problem is in the following. The banks won’t issue any loans to me due to the fact that I’m a guarantor for that mortgage. The borrower requested the bank to relieve me from the guarantor’s obligations, but he got a refusal. At the moment the borrower can only add more guarantors, but is not entitled to replace a guarantor with another person. Is there a way to solve this problem? 08.06.2011
Few days ago I found out that the equity capital has been increased in a company (limited liability company) where I used to own 50% of the capital without my participation. As a result my part in that company reduced to 10%. What shall I do in the current situation? Is it possible to appeal against the decision of the Register of Enterprises in respect of increasing equity capital, which I believe is illegal? 08.06.2011
I would like to establish a limited liability company and pay-up the equity capital by property contribution. What kind of property can be contributed to the equity capital of LLC and how the valuation of material contribution shall be carried-out, as well as in what cases will I need the help of experts for valuating the material contribution? 08.06.2011
A son of majority age has left among heirs after the death of my daughter. The estate she left consists of an apartment mortgaged in the bank and a bank account. Will my grandson have to pay off the mortgage if he accepts the inheritance? 08.06.2011
I took out a loan from a company for a term of 10 years. I received a letter of claim from the administrator requesting to return the loan in full. Is it lawful for administrator to request the pre-term loan repayment? 08.06.2011
Where in Latvia it is possible to carry out the DNA analysis for the determination of paternity? Will it be considered in the process of paternity dispute? 08.06.2011
I’ve been involved in a road traffic accident which wasn’t my fault. My car was crashed so I turned to the insurance company of the driver who caused the accident. The insurance company had paid out insurance indemnity only after 4 months. The problem is that I’m a taxi driver and was deprived of my earnings due to the fault of the insurer. May I receive compensation for lost profits from the insurance company? 08.06.2011
I want to divorce my husband as fast as possible, but heard that divorce can take a lot of time. Is there a way to make it faster? 08.06.2011
A bailiff came to my flat in order to attach movable property. Some of the things collected by the bailiff were the jewels that belong to my mother. I tried to explain that those were not mine, but still the bailiff refused to exclude them from attachment. What can be done in such situation? 08.06.2011

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