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We would like to bring to your attention the books that were issued by the law office “INLAT PLUS”.

The Encyclopedia of Labor relations

In the book there are given samples of contracts and documents, which are obligatory performed in any company in Latvia according to the present Latvian legislation. The publication covers almost all questions in the area of labor relations and protection, which can appear while running a company.

The book consists of two parts (1 — labor legal relations, 2 — labor protection), 28 sections, more than 150 samples of contracts, also there are commentaries of lawyers to each section, which will help to understand in the given material.

The book is referred to the directors of companies and enterprises, the managers of staff offices, specialists in labor protection, lawyers, accountants, as well as all who are interested in labor legal relations and labor protection.

The capacity of the book is about 800 pages. All contracts, documents and commentaries to them are given in Russian and Latvian languages.

The rental relations, the legal questions of rental relations. The record and taxation of the rental activities.

The book is presented in two separate variants — the book in Russian language and the book in Latvian language.

The financial and legal issues of the rental relations in the commerce activities of the companies are overviewed in it.

In the first part the authors give practical suggestions how to create rental agreements, give examples of rental agreements of manufacturing devices, vehicles, real estate, land, the acceptance acts etc., give recommendations and overview the issues of insurance, recalculation of payments, the prolongation and termination of rental relations and some other issues.

The book provides 35 approximate samples of rental agreements and accompanying documentation.

In the second part of the book the doctor of economics Marina Janushka offers the readers the methodic of record and taxation of the rental activities. The common conditions of the rental activity records, rental payments, the expenses, which are connected with the repairing and service of the rented property, the peculiarities of the rent of vehicles, the transfer of the rented property to the third parties. As examples the situations, which are most often encountered, are used.

The book is for managers and leading experts of companies, accountants, lawyers, as well as for the lecturers and students of the economics and legal specializations.

Also there is an electronic version of the book on CD.

Exemplary samples of economic and commercial contracts

The present book represents samples of contract documents. It contains 67 most actual samples of various contracts grouped by sections and other documents serving as a basis for rise, realization and the cease of contract relations, both between legal and/or physical persons.

The contents and structure of the book would help as a practical material for businessmen, lawyers, economists, accountants and other private persons.

All samples of the contract documents presented in the book are given in Latvian and Russian languages.

Also there is an electronic version of the book on CD.

Drawing up bargains and the management of the real estate

A universal collection of the contract documents most frequently applied in operations with the real estate in various fields of activity. There are samples of 75 contracts and other documents presented in the book systematized in 7 sections that are most actual while drawing up bargains and managing of the real estate — the purchase and exchange, rent, hire and gratuitous using, gift and inheritance, management and sharing, mortgage, construction and repair and also registration of the real estate are given. To each section the commentary on questions of taxation (by the Doctor of economy Mrs. Olga Lukashina) and on legal questions of bargains with the real estate (by the law office “INLAT PLUS”) is given.

The samples of contracts given in the book will let users to facilitate their work on the contents of concluding contracts and to simplify formulation of its conditions. It will save time at drawing up concrete documents, will remind what conditions should be included in the contract and what conditions should not. The present book could become a fine assistant for experts in the field of the real estate, bank personnel, investors, lawyers, businessmen and economists, accountants and also for private persons facing problems of bargains with the real estate. The book will be undoubtedly interesting also for professors and students studying the contract law, estimation of business and the real estate.

For users' convenience all contract documents and commentaries to them presented in the book are given in Latvian and Russian languages.

Also there is an electronic version of the book on CD.


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Legislative Acts in English

You can download a number of main normative acts of the Republic of Latvia free of charge. Please take into consideration that this is an unofficial translation that can sometimes be unupdated.